Holywell Bay coastal footpath walk

We can definitely recommend that you take some time out to explore the Cornish coastal footpath during your holiday at ‘The Cottages Holywell Bay’.

We took a beautiful walk along the footpath south from Holywell Bay back in June and thought we’d share some of the photos.

As you can see the spring flowers were still out, there was a little surf and the beach was practically deserted as it was still early in the season!

Holywell Bay footpath walk

Holywell Bay beach accomodation

Gull Rocks, Holywell Bay surf

Holiday accomodation, spring holywell bay

Holiday Cottages Holywell Bay

A quick rest and a sunbathe! 

 Holywell Bay holiday cottages

 View south to Perranporth Bay

Coastal footpath walk Holywell Bay beach

Stroll back looking north onto Holywell Bay beach.