Cottages Cosy Cornish Valentine’s Day

We are missing you this Valentine’s Day here at The Meadow, Holywell Bay, all our Holiday Cottages and Bungalows are empty.

It’s a shame that you are not able to holiday with us this February  the fourteenth.

Today is a grey, windy and wet day today. It’s not the best weather for a holiday break here in one of our holiday cottages or bungalows.

However it would have been so cosy in one of our cottages snuggling up in front of a blazing wood burner blasting its warmth out and sipping a glass of Cornwall’s Camel Valley Champagne . A box of chocolates and vase of Daffodils from the local fields on the table would complete the picture..

If you were feeling brave enough after your champagne breakfast a walk through the sand dunes and along the Holywell beach tide line would have blown any cobwebs away.

In view of the weather you would probably have had the beach to yourselves. The large waves would make a beautiful spectacle with strong offshore wind producing magnificent displays of sea spray. The strand line would be totally empty as the offshore winds would prevent anything from washing in. However if you were lucky with all the wind and large seas shifting the sand around you might have been able to pick up a few pieces of colourful water rounded sea glass.

The Future.

The pandemic cannot go on forever. This time next year we will all have our jabs and life will be nearly back to normal.

We hope you will be tempted to spend your next Valentine’s day with us in one of our holiday cottages or bungalows and try out our log burners.

Thinking about booking a cottage holiday later this year or next year?  The cottages that have wood burners are Trispen, Penmerric and Langarrow. The log burners are available from October until the end of April.

In the meantime please stay safe and follow the government guide lines.


cottage woodburner holywell bay holiday

Cottage Holywell Bay  Valentine’s Day Holiday